Why Soft Skills Are More Important Than Ever Before

As the rate of skills change accelerates across both old and new roles in all industries, proactive and innovative skill-building and talent management is an urgent issue. What this requires is a talent development function that is rapidly becoming more strategic and has a seat at the table." — World Economic Forum The term “soft skills” refers to such attributes as effective communication, time management, problem solving, working with teams, selling, negotiating and overall working well with others. These can have a tendency to be overlooked for teachable “hard” skills but if you want the right people for your business you need to be putting soft skills first. So much of the success tha

The Role of the Meeting Facilitator

That feeling you get when you sit down in a meeting and 10 minutes in think “this could have been an email”, “this isn’t going anywhere”, “we talk about the same thing every week”. What makes a meeting effective, efficient and productive? It can be the involvement of a great facilitator. They act as a leader and a navigator to steer a group of people to achieving their meeting goals. They extract insight, knowledge, wisdom and the experience of the group and use it to meet the goals of the meeting. Here are some key elements of the meeting facilitator 1 Clarifying the Goals This is about knowing in advance the objectives and purposes of the meeting; it is about thoroughly understanding

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