Are you a middle manager who has just missed out on a promotion to the senior leadership team? You may be feeling frustrated, angry and humiliated. You may also be wondering why your colleagues are speeding past you. To advance to senior leadership roles, you'll need to develop a new set of skills to position yourself for a promotion. The skills that helped you get this far in your career are different from the skills necessary to succeed as a senior leader.




One of the most effective ways to move into a senior leadership role is to work with a certified Career Coach. A Career Coach will help you understand what exactly you need to do to achieve your promotion, and how to stand out as a leader.


Our personalised career coaching will help you translate your goal into an action plan. We will guide you towards your goal, step by step, as we have done for countless other leaders. You will discover that achieving your goal of Managing Director, CEO or Director is not as impossible as you think.


Career coaching will give you:


  • Self-assessment tools that will identify your skills, values, and interests to determine what industry, company and role are a good fit.  

  • Access to industry and self-analysis data to match your natural strengths with companies that are in the marketplace today.

  • Increase your self-awareness, eliminating any self-doubts.

  • An experienced, certified coach that will hold you accountable to act.

  • Industry mentors to provide you with ongoing support and guidance even after you have finished your career coaching with us.

  • A specific action plan to get that promotion. 


The hardest part of reaching your goals is to take the first step. One day you feel like 'I have to get out of here' and the next 'this isn't so bad'. Our certified career coaches partner with you to successfully reach your goals. In doing so, they will hold you accountable and challenge you to act, whether or not you have to step out of your comfort zone. 


Our career coaches provide career counselling via online zoom sessions. All sessions take approximately one hour. Fees: 1 hour, $500 inc. GST. 


Discovery Session:

In our obligation-free discovery session, we will discuss your career goals, the role you'd like to apply for, and the level of leadership you aspire to. Next, we will match a coach who has achieved the same or similar goals. This way, we know we’ll match you with the right coach and therefore guarantee you’ll get the results you want. Lastly, we’ll advise which coaching package is right for you.


Our coaching options are: 

  • Option 1: 3 x 60-minute online zoom session

  • Option 2: 6 x 60-minute online zoom session

  • Option 3: 12 x 60-minute online zoom session


Session 1:

In our first session, we start by assessing your strengths, weaknesses, values, interests, and personality to identify where you're currently at. One of the assessments includes the Gallup Strengths Assessment, also known as Clifton Strengths Finder. We also explore your mindset around yourself and your career and eliminate self-doubt or self-limiting beliefs to empower you to grab opportunities you would normally avoid.


Session 2:

Based on the assessments' outcomes, you and your coach will identify potential industries, sectors and roles that best suit your interest, values and personality.


Session 3:

In your third consultation, you and your coach will narrow down your preferred work environments and companies, and what approach to take. You'll receive feedback on your resume and learn how to prepare for different interview techniques to maximise your chance of success. 


Session 4:

In the last session, we’ll set out a structured plan to stay motivated, productive and confident. You'll also receive ongoing support from one of our industry experts, even after you've finished your career coaching with us.




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Up to 12 months
$ 500/h
Online Zoom Sessions