Discover your potential in leadership and management with this qualification. You’ll learn specialised skills that will help you to excel as a team leader or supervisor, or take the next step in your career. The Change Network understands that it takes specialised skills and knowledge to get ahead and this course is designed to help you set yourself apart from the pack regardless of your industry.

This qualification is facilitated by expert industry professionals who have high level experience and knowledge and are able to guide and support you successfully through your studies. You will develop specialised knowledge which includes communicating effectively as a workplace leader, making a presentation, implementing an operational plan, customer service standards and continuous improvement.

Successfully completing this program will provide you with technical skills that can be applied to many roles in management and leadership including projects and risk management skills. You’ll be a genuine frontline all-rounder ready for anything that comes your way.


This course is made up of 12 Units being four core and eight elective units, of which:​​

  • 4 units must be selected from Group A

  • 8 units may be additional units from Group A or Group B

  • if not listed below, 1 unit maybe from any currently endorsed Training Package or accredited course at Certificate IV level or above.

​Elective units must be relevant to the work environment and the qualification, maintain the integrity of the AQF alignment and contribute to a valid, industry-supported vocational outcome.


  • BSBLDR401 - Communicate effectively as a workplace leader

  • BSBLDR402 - Lead effective workplace relationships

  • BSBLDR403 - Lead team effectiveness

  • BSBMGT402 - Implement operational plan


  • BSBMGT401 - Show leadership in the workplace

  • BSBMGT403 - Implement continuous improvement

  • BSBLED401 - Develop teams and individuals

  • BSBSUS401 - Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices

  • BSBWHS401 - Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures & programs to meet legislative requirements

  • BSBINN301 - Promote innovation in a team environment

  • BSBPMG522 - Undertake project work

  • BSBRSK401 - Identify risk and apply risk management 


This course is ideal for people who are just starting out in a frontline or first leadership role. If you’re looking to build on your existing skills or take your next career step, this course can give you the confidence to move up to the next level.

Job roles that this course is suitable for include:

  • ​Team Leader
  • Leading Hand

  • Supervisor

  • Coordinator

  • Individuals looking to have existing skills formally recognised


  • Face to Face – Regular scheduled training sessions facilitated by highly qualified, industry professional trainer covering one or two units per session and assessments.

  • Intensive Workshop – A number of intensive (one or two day) workshop sessions in which the entire group gathers to work through the course together. This option requires work in your own time also.

  • Blended – This option may suit individuals who can attend some but not all of the sessions described above and are happy to do some of the course work in their own time.

  • Supported Distance Learning – Select this option if you believe you can study the entire course in your own time but with the unlimited support of our dedicated student support team.

We strongly believe that everyone has a preferred learning style and we will flexibly adapt the course to suit your individual needs. 


  • BSB42015