This qualification is suitable for people working in a Work Health and Safety (WHS) role who work to provide leadership and guidance to others and have some limited responsibility for the output of others. 

The qualification reflects the role of workers who apply a broad knowledge base and well developed skills in a wide variety of contexts and may include coordinators, advisors and facilitators. 


This qualification is facilitated by expert industry professionals who have high level experience and knowledge and are able to guide and support you successfully through your studies. 


  • BSBWHS402 - Assist with compliance with WHS laws

  • BSBWHS403 - Contribute to implementing and maintaining WHS consultation and participation processes

  • BSBWHS404 - Contribute to WHS hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control

  • BSBWHS404 - Contribute to implementing and maintaining WHS management systems

  • BSBWHS406 - Assist with responding to incidents

  • BSBWHS408 - Assist with effective WHS management of contractors

  • BSBINN301 - Promote innovation in a team environment

  • BSBMGT401 - Show leadership in the workplace

  • BSBSUS401 - Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices

  • BSBMGT403 - Implement continuous improvement



  • Learning and development techniques and strategies

  • How to address development needs and team objectives

  • an understanding of WHS policies

  • Creating solutions to unpredictable problems 

  • WHS analysis and evaluation

  • Implement, review and develop financial strategies

  • Knowing the right time to market a product or service 

  • How to promote products and services



This course is ideal for people who already provide limited safety leadership and are expected to model the behaviours required to create a safety culture. They will be WHS professionals who are looking to build on existing skills or take the next career step with confidence.


Job roles that this course is suitable for include:

  • WHS Coordinator

  • Safety Officer

  • WHS Advisor

  • WHS Facilitator

  • High Risk industry workers, i.e. Construction, Manufacturing, Logistics, etc.

  • Small Business Operators

  • Individuals who lead safety in any sector

  • Individuals looking to have existing skills formally recognised


This program will be delivered at fortnightly face-to-face night classes at The Change Network’s head office at Suite 4 6 Cowper Wharf Road, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011

We strongly believe that everyone has a preferred learning style and we will flexibly adapt the course to suit your individual needs. 


  • BSB41415