Project Management is an important skill for individuals to have across industries. At The Change Network, we believe that elements of project management exist in all fields and roles. There is a focus on the practical application of project management techniques, including budget, scope, resource management and stakeholder management. 

Project Management programs are an opportunity to reset your work style to be more efficient and effective with a results focus. This is an invaluable skill that sets individuals out from the crowd, as their ability to deliver is consistent and of a high quality.

BSB41515 Certificate IV Project Management Practice

The Certificate IV in Project Management Practice is ideal for individuals looking to career path in project management.

There is a focus on practical management of all project elements, from cost to stakeholders. 

BSB51415 Diploma of Project Management

The Diploma of Leadership and Management is designed for those who are in a management role with a broad range of responsibilities, from both people to systems.

The qualification deals with the practical management of people, risk management, resource allocation and operational planning.

Intensive Workshops

We can create intensive workshops to suit your time frame and needs. Where you have a need to train your team in a collaborative environment, we can work together to create a program that targets both organisational and individual hurdles.

Workshop topics can include scope, cost and quality management.



It is my great pleasure to provide a professional reference for Janine Williams. I was in search of a professional trainer for our staff in the areas of Safety, OH&S, Risk Management, Communication and Leadership. After number of interviews with other trainers, I was very impressed with Janine during our first interview.

Janine ran a very successful accredited Risk Management course for our Executive Team. In addition Janine ran accredited courses of Front Line Management and Certificate IV WHS for our middle managers and supervisors.

Janine is a highly competent and enthusiastic professional trainer with a proven ability, successful track record, to help employees achieve individual targets and goals in line with organisational Vision and Mission.

Janine is a well disciplined, industrious trainer with a pleasant personality. She goes beyond the course requirements in the quantity and quality, putting in a lot of extra effort and research. Her willingness to take suggestions, modify lessons/modules, and experiment with innovative strategies demonstrated her motivation and reflection about teaching and learning. Janine connected with our staff from day one and earned their respect. She is gifted to turn negativity into positivity.

Janine will be running a Diploma course for our employees in August.

If you need a value adding expert trainer engage Janine to achieve your training objectives.

Janine is an excellent best in class trainer and I highly recommend her in the areas of her expertise.

Acn. Shan Ruprai JM
Group Manager WHSEQR
Colas Australia
President APQO