The short courses The Change Network offers are a combination of industry short courses and intensive workshops that are designed to be contextualised and tailored to the company and the employees. 

Please note that most of our short courses are not a nationally recognised qualification. Refer to each short course page for further details. 


WHS Risk Management

The WHS Risk Management Short Course is a two (2) day course that outlines how to manage risk in both high and low risk industries. 

The program is suited to all industries and further contextualisation is undertaken to suit the needs and requirements of the individuals sitting in the room.

Health + Safety Representative 

The Health and Safety Representative (HSR) Short Course is for individuals who are becoming the HSR's of their work group or are joining the Health & Safety Board.

The program is designed for high risk industries, such as the Construction Industry, and is a five (5) day intensive program or a one (1) day refresher program. 


Intensive Workshops are completed at different accredited modules to suit your company requirements. The Change Network is engaged to deliver these in for either one (1) or two (2) days. The purpose of the workshops are usually to close a skill gap in your organisation that has been noted after audit; performance reviews; to induct new employees to the organisation's systems and processes; or when organisation's are diversifying into different sectors. Topics can include:

  • Leadership & Management

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Risk Management

  • Safety

  • Innovation

  • Project Management

  • Stakeholder Management 

Please contact us for an obligation free discussion about your needs and our Account Management team will be able to provide a recommendation based on the information you provide.

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Quality Management

  • Operational Planning

  • L&D Management

  • Sustainability

  • Communication Management 

  • Return-to-Work Programs