3 surprising ways you benefit from WHS practices

Work, Health & Safety. You know your business needs it. You know the industry requires it. You know it helps improve the bottom line of your organisation.

But you may not be aware of 3 surprising ways WHS practices benefit you and your employees.

1. Employee motivation and performance is enhanced.

The Hawthorne studies conducted in the 1920’s revealed unique insight about human performance in the workplace. Initially testing how lighting impacted productivity, the experiments ultimately revealed that it was in fact the increased attention and concern from superiors that enhanced employee performance. An improvement in workplace conditions and support within employees also increased motivation.

We can translate this to the importance of WHS practices. An organisation that embraces safety culture embraces the best for their employees. The systems you have in place that manage the health and safety aspects of your workplace frame the attitude your employees have towards their job, and impacts their motivation. If they feel protected and cared for, their dedication, energy and workplace contribution will be more effective. Beyond encouraging employees to do their best, effective WHS practices make employees feel safe, and those who feel comfortable in their workplace are more likely to stay loyal to the business.

2. Company innovation is fostered.

A business that complies with industry policies, has effective and efficient WHS practices in place and celebrates a safety culture, sets themselves up for growth and innovation. As WHS increases output and enthusiasm, it not only encourages employees to complete what is required in their job tasks, but also boosts creativity in the workplace, increasing job satisfaction and significance.

WHS practices also helps you identify the weaknesses in your workplace. What is the biggest risk to your employees? Have you documented a specific process? Are your management staff aware of their responsibilities? Do you have the necessary procedures to protect your business? When you prioritise the health and safety of your employees and environment, you are also ensuring continuous improvement of your business, and a business that constantly grows, innovates.

3. Confidence and loyalty from stakeholders is maximised.

Safety culture is at the forefront of your business. You have effective WHS policies, embraced by all employees. Your team is motivated to do their best and your business is constantly converting weaknesses into opportunities for growth. Unsurprisingly, your reputation in the industry is growing and well-received.

This also positively impacts your other stakeholders. Active WHS practices enhance your brand image and value, attracting clients and consumers who seek stable and confident businesses. Effective management and use of resources demonstrates to investors that you have sufficient procedures in place and observe regulations, ensuring business and employee protection.

WHS practices will expand the potential of your business.