5 struggles every leader faces - and how to overcome them

Being a leader can be just as challenging as it is rewarding.

It’s an experience and responsibility that comes with both triumphs and trials.

We’ve discussed how to transition into a leadership role, we’ve looked at qualities that make an excellent leader and we’ve even shared one of the most crucial skills necessary for successful leadership.

However, we’ve yet to further explore the difficulties faced by those in leadership positions, so today we’re going to speak about the 5 primary struggles every leader faces, and as we’re aware that growth results from tackling an obstacle head on, we’re also sharing tips on how to overcome them.

1. Feeling inadequate

A leadership position often comes with a lot of pressure – from your team, superiors, organisation and even friends and family. Maybe you’re new to the job, or perhaps your confidence is starting to slip.

Remember you’re in your position for a reason – the people you’re receiving pressure from most likely also have a lot of confidence in you and do believe in your ability to achieve. Self-doubt, at the end of the day, is a perception of yourself that you have the power to change.

Reflect on what you have achieved as a leader, the changes you’ve witnessed within yourself, your team and business, no matter how small. Trust in yourself.

2. Turning your vision into reality

When it comes to reaching your goals, and encouraging your team to reach their goals, you may often encounter a lot of roadblocks, whether they are people, logistic or resource based. It’s a balancing act of what the organisation needs now, and what it needs in the future.

But remember, the process of reaching goals and realising your vision is just as important as their outcomes. Take a look at your team’s capabilities, available resources, your strategy. Are they complementing each other, working harmoniously to facilitate achievement? Do you have continuous improvement mechanisms in place, to keep your team and goals on track?

3. Keeping your teem motivated and high performing

Some of the most common challenges leaders face are correlated to challenges with people. Teams share struggles and accomplishments, so harmony and cohesion is key, even though it’s not always present in a business.

Check out our team motivation article to get your team back on board, and keep in mind that your employees are individuals – they also require support, feedback, care and respect.

4. Doing the right thing vs. doing what’s right

Being a leader can sometimes put you in difficult positions, where you have to make a decision or choice that can be quite complex and lead you to question yourself. It’s a challenge many leaders face, as personal values can conflict with organisational values.

Maintain your sense of self and follow your instincts. You decide what your priority is, and then stick to that with confidence. It’s also about finding a balance – if you do something ‘right’, but it’s the wrong thing to do, your efforts may backfire. Conversely, doing the ‘right thing’, in a wrong manner, can lead to failure.

5. Delegating tasks and holding people accountable

Sometimes, as leaders, we fall into the trap of wanting to take control of a satiation and micromanage. This is frustrating for you, and your team.

So, keep in mind that you can do anything but not everything. You have a team for a reason. Think of the goals you’re striving to achieve and delegate tasks according to your team’s strengths. You’ll also provide an opportunity for your team to develop, as when given autonomy but held accountable, people grow.

Remember, feeling challenged as a leader is natural, but take it as an opportunity to further grow and take your team on the journey with you.

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