How one of our clients now has an industry-leading safety record

Lost on-site time costs the construction industry billions of dollars each year. Even worse, poor safety costs lives: according to Safe Work Australia, as construction companies cut costs in difficult conditions through 2012, thirty workers died on construction sites in 2012.

One of our Tier 2 construction clients – which more than doubled its business through three of the toughest years the Australian construction industry had ever experienced – now has an industry beating safety record thanks to its partnership with The Change Network (TCN). In fact, its record is so good that for the last 18 months it has lost ZERO time through workplace injury.

Business strategy based on safety leadership

Early on in the redevelopment of its business strategy, our client realised it needed a new approach to its company-wide career management and training programs. We worked with the company to produce its training strategy with a primary goal of creating a very strong safety management team.

Its ultimate ambition was not to stifle growth through compliance, but rather to encourage individuals and teams to excel. Its safety strategy encompassed:

  • Enabling a strong safety management system

  • Leadership by a respected safety leader (WHS Manager)

  • A team of 15 Safety coordinators

  • Extensive safety training

The Change Network Management and Safety Training

TCN introduced a comprehensive WHS Leadership program, which tied together WHS with communicative soft skills and conflict resolution. This concentrated program allowed its safety coordinators to be exemplars of safety rather than enforcers of compliance.

The WHS management team, the company’s HR management, and its senior executives benefitted from customised training and one-on-one coaching and mentoring, which helped to reinforce the validity of safety training to the organisation’s employees:

In year 1, The Change Network trained 147 staff in its Dual Certificate program, toward both Cert IV Frontline and Cert IV WHS Certificate status

In year 2, a further 80 staff were added to the program, with 40 students enrolled into the Dual Diploma (Dip Management and Dip WHS)

The bottom line

A good safety record helps to increase company morale, reducing turnover and the costs associated with a rapidly changing staff. Our client directly links its safety record with the leadership training, coaching and mentoring delivered by The Change Network, with training fully vindicated by reduced employment costs and zero lost time through onsite injuries.