How one of our clients tripled their construction business in a tough market

Though the construction industry is almost back to its pre-global financial crisis level, the tough economy of just a few short years ago is still fresh in the minds of many businesses. Most businesses – large and small – barely survived those years. Many sadly went under.

Yet, as one of our clients, a Tier 2 construction company, proved, with the right strategy and the leadership not only is it possible to weather the most violent of market conditions, but also to grow and gain market share. In a little under three years, our client grew its annual revenues from $400 million to $1 billion.

A targeted growth strategy

Our client moved fast to introduce a more flexible strategy, targeting government projects in defence, health, and education. This wasn’t completely straightforward, however. There were a number of hurdles the company had to negotiate.

It required a team capable of landing these projects, and then needed to secure appropriate safety accreditation: all projects which are more than 50% federally funded require EG FSC accreditation. Part of the FSC accreditation process is demonstration of career pathways. Our client needed to customise nationally recognised compliance training in order to qualify under this requirement, and that is where The Change Network (TCN) was able to help most.

How TCN helped

The client’s requirements spanned its whole personnel base, all the way up to its senior executives. It was clear that it needed a unique approach to hit its training targets, which were essential to the successful execution of its business plan and economy beating strategy.

After consulting with senior management, TCN produced a fully customised program and followed through with completion of training of 240 out of 270 staff. Our Workplace Health and Safety Leadership programs introduced and implemented were augmented with personalised sessions with two owners and five senior executives.

The company realised the need to change in a challenging market, and also saw those challenges not as barriers but as opportunities. Having established its new strategy at board level, it then partnered with TCN to help make its objectives become its realised future.