How to get noticed by your boss and take the next step in your career

Change and growth go hand in hand. If you’re looking to improve or advance your career, you’re likely seeking a positive change and a chance to learn and develop professionally and personally.

Whether you’re searching for an opportunity to develop new skills, hoping to get a promotion or feel ready to take the next professional step, you have a strategic vision and you’re ready to see it come to life.

But is your manager, supervisor or boss aware of your vision? How can you ensure they not only notice you, but help and support you in putting your career plan into action?

Here’s a few ways you can fast track your career path.

  • Build rapport and your reputation.

Your work ethic, attitude and respect for your colleagues, the workplace and clients all speak louder than tangible skills. Be genuine and build trust with stakeholders. This will improve your professional standing and demonstrate to your boss that you value people and the company.

  • Align your interests.

How will your promotion benefit the business? What will your new role offer to the team? Align your objectives with those of the organisation and your boss. This will help your manager realise that helping you grow helps the business grow, and prove you’re an asset to the company.

  • Look for opportunities.

Actively identify opportunities to accept new responsibilities. Not only will you gain wider experience and recognition, but it highlights a skill all managers want from developed employees – an eye for innovation and continuous improvement.

  • Be a problem solver.

All businesses encounter challenges, but stand out from the crowd by addressing gaps in the business. Think outside the box, approach difficulties creatively and be solution oriented. Take the initiative to provide your boss, team and the company with new ways to maximise results.

  • Focus on your skills.

Showcase your best skills and talents, and document how they are contributing to the bottom line. However, also acknowledge that you have skills gaps that you are willing to work on. Be active in turning them into strengths and you’ll gain respect from your boss.

  • Stay informed.

What is the short and long-term vision of the business? What direction is your leader taking? What are the current challenges and opportunities in the industry? Staying informed and aware will communicate to your boss that you have and seek industry knowledge and insight.

  • Speak up.

Another crucial way to get your boss to notice you, and your new career plan, is to communicate it to them. Ask to have a meeting with them to touch base, review your current position and explore any future opportunities. You can also gain exposure by voicing opinions and ideas in team meetings.