How to motivate your team

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team”.

The people in your team are your best asset, and the most valuable resource to your business. Treating your employees the way you want them to treat your customers is key.

They turn your visions into reality, their skills and performance keep your company running, and they are your primary brand representatives.

A strong, productive and unified team facilitates efficiency, growth and success.

But we all know keeping a team strong, productive and unified isn’t always easy.

So how can you continuously steer them in a direction that facilitates that success? What can you do as a business owner, leader or manager to optimise your team’s potential and performance?

The answer lies in keeping them motivated.

Motivation drives the capabilities of your team members, their enthusiasm, work ethic and behaviour. It’s what inspires them to come into work everyday and give it their best.

We’ve compiled a list of a few things you can do to keep your team motivated, and ultimately, keep your business on track to success.

  • Actively Listen – What do your employees really need and what? You won’t be able to satisfy everything, but show them that you care, hear their concerns, encourage feedback and if you can, act on it. Increased attention and concern from superiors motivates employees to amplify their energy and contribution.

  • Show Respect– Everyone want’s to feel appreciated, particularly people who are encouraged to work hard and deliver quality work. Show gratitude for their time, effort and accomplishments. Employees who feel valued will strive to maximise that regard.

  • Encourage autonomy – People thrive when given the confidence and reassurance to take the job into their hands. No one likes to be micromanaged, and while you’ll want to hold people accountable and guide them, with the right communication, autonomy demonstrates a type of trust that provides employees with the independence and incentive needed to perform at their best.

  • Lead by example – Manifest the company’s purpose, values and objectives. Be a role model and ensure every action and decision you make is with intent. Employees flourish with passion, they’ll work harder and smarter knowing they are working towards strategic goals with you. You’ll also want to be accessible, team members should feel like they can ask you questions, and if you’re as transparent as possible, they’ll strive for success.

  • Challenge them –‘By changing nothing, nothing changes’. Push the limits of your team, encourage them to be innovative, take measured risks and seek opportunities to grow. When employees become bored, their motivation drops at staggering levels. Develop their potential, help them overcome weaknesses and celebrate their strengths.

  • Foster a team spirit – A vibrant company culture is reflective of the personality of your business, and representative of what you value. Emphasise motivation, determination and hard work. Maintain harmony between your employees and create a safe and healthy work environment – your team will thrive.

As Henry Ford said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success”.