Managers vs Leaders

Management and leadership are complimentary, and link in many dynamic ways.

However, they are not interchangeable.

There are distinct differences that become apparent when you are trying to succeed in either role, and to help you identify and clarify these variances between a manager and a leader, we’ve compiled a list of 15 primary distinctions…

  1. Managers set and measure goals, leaders create and drive a vision.

  2. Managers maintain systems, leaders strive for innovation.

  3. Managers can adopt styles, leaders define them.

  4. Managers control risk, leaders take them.

  5. Managers think short-term, leaders think long-term.

  6. Managers use existing skills, leaders constantly grow.

  7. Managers build processes, leaders build relationships.

  8. Managers give instructions, leaders give guidance.

  9. Managers are in charge of employees, leaders create teams.

  10. Managers do things the right way, leaders do the right thing.

  11. Managers focus on the details, leaders focus on the direction.

  12. Managers instruct employees, leaders encourage people.

  13. Managers focus on the bottom line, leaders focus on the horizon.

  14. Managers see a challenge, leaders see an opportunity.

  15. Managers assign duties, leaders facilitate ideas and autonomy.

While you reflect on your current position as a manager or leader, you may want to ask yourself whether you are unconsciously, or consciously, alternating between roles and duties.

As individuals in a business who carry responsibility for people, objectives and overall success, you can do anything but not everything.

Keep these distinctions in mind and you may notice a difference in how you manage or lead your team.

This may ultimately help keep you and the business on track to success.