Managing your team - the biggest challenges and how to overcome them

Being a manager can be equally challenging and rewarding. You have the responsibility of ensuring the success of company goals, and the people working towards them.

Not only do organisational objectives and expectations need to be met, but your team should also be performing efficiently and effectively.

Here are 5 prominent challenges you may encounter when managing your team, but more importantly, we’ve highlighted how you can overcome them.

1. Hiring

Problem: Finding the right individuals to build a team with is big responsibility, and introducing someone new to the organisation can be complex. It can be difficult to find people that complement the company, your team, and you.

Solution: Take your time with the selection process, using multiple, and validated, selection assessments. If your organisation has a HR department, seek out their support, or if you’re a small business, recruitment guides and resources online will help you. At the end of the day, people are what make the business run. You’re going to want the right ones around.

2. Motivation

Problem: Unresponsive teams can be very frustrating. Individuals in a team are distinct and require different levels of attention. The overall success of the team depends on their productivity, which stems from their motivation.

Solution: A shared vision goes a long way, and involving the team in the overall direction of the company will give them a larger purpose, motivating them to perform well. Establish a rewarding company culture and exercise emotional intelligence to adjust and balance diverse energy levels.

3. Performance and attitude

Problem: Holding your team accountable is challenging, and addressing performance or attitude problems can be difficult. It’s imperative to find a balance between autonomy and adherence to organisational standards.

Solution: Set clear performance expectations and objectives from the get-go. Keep track of team members, giving them constructive feedback and support. Confront issues as soon as they appear, and keep in mind that discipline is better than disciplinary action.

4. Conflict