Why some people win, and others don't

We often call people in the industry who go after what they want, and get it, as ‘sharks’. They are cunning, driven and have their eye on the prize. We might attribute their success to their focus and instinct, and this is certainly true. However, a lot of their success also lies on their constant hustle. Many species of sharks must keep moving in order to stay alive – if they stop swimming, their breathing mechanisms are hindered and lack of oxygen leads to death. The ‘sharks’ in our industries have embodied this trait as well, learning to constantly move forward, using momentum to capture and learn from every opportunity.

The ‘sharks’ among us often experience victory, because they’ve learnt, from first hand experience, that survival in the industry relies on the ability to take action, face challenges head on, and garner the confidence needed to continue, despite volatile conditions.

This isn’t to say that successful people don’t stop to reflect, on their progress, mistakes, and decisions, or that they aren’t humble, self-aware and gracious. In fact, inherent traits of successful people include utilising insight as a powerful tool for constant improvement, as well as placing a high emphasis on authenticity and respect.

However, the very nature of being forward thinking, persistent and ambitious fosters their motivation, and discipline, to succeed. The key is embedded within their work ethic, which allows them to effectively avoid or overcome inertia.

Inertia, in the business context, refers to a lack of effort, motion and action. Passiveness and the reluctance to be active can lead to mediocrity, procrastination, and often, failure. An absence of flexibility, resilience or even the passion to strive despite challenges and setbacks hinders chances of accomplishment and success.

With this in mind, the reason some people win and others don’t becomes quite clear…

The answer is simple. The winners win because of their persistent, constant and unwavering movement. They take action every day, even if times are turbulent, or they lack direction, they use momentum as an opportunity to adapt, explore and hone in their focus. They are visionary, perceptual and confident. They take every day with excitement like it was their first and drive like it was their last, and they survive.

We all have the potential to be sharks. The resistance you face in your professional and personal life can be overcome by unleashing your strength, refining your discipline and navigating successfully through the high’s and low’s. Be propelled with your evolution. Stay tuned for next week’s article that covers 3 strategies to overcoming inertia.