Why Soft Skills Are More Important Than Ever Before

As the rate of skills change accelerates across both old and new roles in all industries, proactive and innovative skill-building and talent management is an urgent issue. What this requires is a talent development function that is rapidly becoming more strategic and has a seat at the table." — World Economic Forum

The term “soft skills” refers to such attributes as effective communication, time management, problem solving, working with teams, selling, negotiating and overall working well with others. These can have a tendency to be overlooked for teachable “hard” skills but if you want the right people for your business you need to be putting soft skills first.

So much of the success that you will have in your workplace comes from having employees that have developed soft skills.

Hiring the right people can be hard and hiring the wrong people can be expensive. Here are four techniques that will help develop your employees soft skills:

1. Becoming more self-aware

Self-awareness is a really important soft skill that you and your team must develop. Try to look at yourself from the viewpoint of others. How you see yourself can be very different from how others see you.

Being aware of this difference is important as being both a leader and a contributing member of your team. When trying to make your employees more self-aware, you need to go on the same journey as them.

With each decision you make, try to put yourself in your team members shoes. Ask yourself how they feel, are there any external factors in their lives that could affect the quality of their work or decision they make, how they could have done it differently.

Doing this will help you gain a clearer understanding of how others see you and what they think of your decisions.

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