5 Steps To Build Your Personal Brand

A ‘Personal Brand’ is an intentional reputation. You may think you don’t need a ‘Personal Brand’ or that it is just a buzz word (which is somewhat true), but all it really does is give you control over your reputation. Everyone has a reputation or a Personal Brand, and you will see positive results when you plan and take conscientious steps to developing your Personal Brand.

Here Are 5 steps To Help You Build Your Brand

1. What is your current Personal Brand?

Before you can begin plotting how you want to be perceived, you need to understand how you are currently perceived. This means your friends, family, team members, suppliers and clients.

Some of these may surprise you, but in the age of Social Media, everyone is a potential customer, referral or connection. What they say about you will contribute to how people perceive you before they have met you.

A 360° Review is the best way to get anonymous feedback from your team, managers, suppliers and clients. You may feel awkward asking your clients or suppliers, but you would be surprised how willing people are to give genuine feedback.

2. What do you want?

Once you understand your reality, you can assess if that is what your Personal Brand should be. What do you want to be known for is an ongoing enquiry within yourself, and it will take time.

Who has given you good feedback? Why? Is that something you can replicate for other people?

Who has given you negative feedback? Why? Is that something you want to be known for?

These questions won’t be answered overnight, but it will allow you to start to define what your value is, where your value can make a difference and how you can get there.

This should be documented as a Personal Development Plan, and your goals should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timed.

3. What are the barriers?

When you understand what you want, there will be things standing in your way. They may revolve around time, skills, knowledge, or your network. How are you going to overcome these?