3 Career Lessons You Learn From Giving Back

Helping others and volunteering is known to enhance your quality of life and facilitate a sense of community. What is commonly not known, is it can also provide opportunities to develop skills or behaviours that can help your career.

1. You Learn To Challenge Yourself

A key driver into why an environment like volunteering can assist in the development of skills is because it is not linked to your salary. This can make people feel more comfortable to try new things, be more comfortable to challenge and express their opinions, as well as take the time to solve problems for themselves.

2. You Learn How To Follow

When volunteering, you are there to give your time and are likely more than happy to be told what is it you are required to do to support or provide assistance to the cause you are volunteering for. Learning how to be a follower or playing a smaller role can be challenging for some people. By understanding how to be a follower and achieving someone else’s vision, will teach you stronger leadership skills by understanding why people follow, what makes a strong leader and what type of leader you want to be.

3. You Learn To Ask Questions

A third lesson people have learnt through giving back is when to ask for help. You may have to be the problem solver at your workplace or may not know when is the time to get a subject matter expert in to help. When volunteering, you may have chosen a cause aligned with your passions, not what you are good at. In this environment, you learn to ask questions and to engage with subject matters experts. It can also be an environment where you can see what not to do, or when a decision-making process wasn’t successful.

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