3 Tips on How to Deal with Not Getting Feedback at Work

Not getting feedback at work can be demotivating and overwhelming for high performing individuals trying to develop and progress their career. We don’t always get managers or leaders who give feedback readily. This can be for many reasons and there are a few ways that you can manage this.

1. Be Proactive

The simplest answer is to just ask. Some managers may be time-poor, some may not need or receive feedback themselves and, therefore, would not feel the need to give feedback.

There are a few ways to ask for feedback. You can ask for feedback on a specific piece of work or you can ask for feedback on an ongoing basis. Depending on your role and what feedback you are looking for, it may be appropriate to ask for ongoing check-ins to understand how you are doing.

2. Seek Out a Mentor or Coach

Your manager may not be the right person to provide you with feedback. This can be for many reasons. In this instance, it is appropriate to seek out someone else who can coach and mentor you in your career progression. This may be a different leader in your business, it may be an old employer or manager or it may be an external consultant.

You may feel uncomfortable seeking someone out and asking them to get a coffee with you now and then for feedback and advice on your career. You would be surprised how willing people are to help and develop others. You just need to ask.

3. Benchmark your Work

In Australia, we are lucky to have industry standards, codes of practice and other industry specific documents that will provide a benchmark on how your industry should operate. While this will be more helpful with technical skills, this can be really helpful if your manager does not have your technical skills.

There are many ways to get feedback in your workplace and through external channels. It all comes back to how proactive you are and the steps you take to get it.

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