Mindfulness: Why You Need It And How To Achieve It


Being present without judgement.

A mental state achieved by focusing your awareness.

Do these things come to mind when you think of mindfulness? You’ve probably seen the word multiple times, maybe you’ve looked into it, or maybe you’re tired of hearing it so often in the industry.

Maybe you even correlate mindfulness to a yoga retreat, but in the modern workplace, it is key to finding balance, being productive and attaining success.

At the end of the day, it’s a popular term for a reason.

Many successful people attribute mindfulness to their achievements, and research is continuously finding new ways mindfulness impacts a persons actions and behaviour. So, before we explain it’s multiple benefits and how you can begin to practice it, let’s clarify what it really means.

Mindfulness is often described as the ‘controlled, conscious awareness of all of the content’s of one’s mind’. It can be seen as both a process and an outcome, and ultimately leads to focus, stability and understanding – of yourself, others and the world around you.

Here’s a few ways mindfulness can positively impact you:

  • It can reduce or alleviate stress

  • It can strengthen your ability to be resilient and flexible

  • It provides you with further insight into your emotions, reactions and behaviour, and that of others as well

  • It boosts your ability to focus

  • It encourages you to be present

  • It leads to refined discipline and self-control

  • It incites patience and tolerance

  • It can help your sleep and sleeping patterns