Sam Reid
WHS&R Manager
Richard Crookes Constructions

At Richard Crookes Constructions, we enjoy a Safety Culture that is behavioural oriented combined with a sound OHSMS, as a foundation, to achieve this goal 1st Step Safety- People caring for People (RCC core value).

The Change Network have been a key partner, within the training, up skilling, educational arena- with the dedicated, salt of the earth approach, they look outside the box, they will challenge the common WHS strategies, dogged about sourcing Training financial opportunities, Government or private, and they are not just Client driven, but truly get to all levels of our work force, across all facets of our Business both Metro and Regional.

The Change Network delivery personnel are 2nd to none- Actively lead by Janine- What you see is definitely What you get- Very simple People caring for People, I look forward to our continued future relationship, growth, and achievements with The Change Network.

The Change Network presented themselves to us at a time where we were looking for Frontline Management and OHSE training for our target group of site foremen and managers. What they had to offer was just the training combination our Company was looking for.

The course was designed and customised to suit the business’ tight program as well as our participant’s availability and needs.

The degree of knowledge and expertise provided through the Change Network’s delivery and content throughout the modules accomplished has satisfied Parkview’s career pathway requirements and the content matter has assisted in the development of our line management’s skills set and leadership techniques – engaging trainers, great outcome.

Wendi Williams
HR Manager
Parkview Group Australia

Acn. Shan Ruprai JM
Group Manager WHSEQR
Colas Australia
President APQO

It is my great pleasure to provide a professional reference for Janine Williams. I was in search of a professional trainer for our staff in the areas of Safety, OH&S, Risk Management, Communication and Leadership. After number of interviews with other trainers, I was very impressed with Janine during our first interview.

Janine ran a very successful accredited Risk Management course for our Executive Team. In addition Janine ran accredited courses of Front Line Management and Certificate IV WHS for our middle managers and supervisors.

Janine is a highly competent and enthusiastic professional trainer with a proven ability, successful track record, to help employees achieve individual targets and goals in line with organisational Vision and Mission.

Janine is a well disciplined, industrious trainer with a pleasant personality. She goes beyond the course requirements in the quantity and quality, putting in a lot of extra effort and research. Her willingness to take suggestions, modify lessons/modules, and experiment with innovative strategies demonstrated her motivation and reflection about teaching and learning. Janine connected with our staff from day one and earned their respect. She is gifted to turn negativity into positivity.

Janine will be running a Diploma course for our employees in August.

If you need a value adding expert trainer engage Janine to achieve your training objectives.

Janine is an excellent best in class trainer and I highly recommend her in the areas of her expertise.

The change network has been our training provided for the last 5 years.


In this time they have partnered with us with operational and strategic initiatives to assist the business achieve its KPIs with the focus on individual training. The training for individual employees has provided them with the skills required to further advance the company internal operations and having an edge over competitors. Training your people makes a business grow. The training has been flexible in the planning so the business staff can be trained while not hindering the business growth or operation requirements.

While, Janine Williams brings to the organization professional skills and tenacity to assist in employee growth. Janine provides a distinctive difference in training. The result has assisted our company to grow.

I believe that any other business will benefit from Janine and the Change Network. Try and discover the difference.

Alan Nowfal

Applications Engineer Director

J.P.M Comm, AIMM | Stareast International Pty Ltd