Work Health & Safety programs are ideal for high risk industries or individuals that manage Work Health & Safety for their organisation. Work Health & Safety qualifications also offer an excellent opportunity for a career change or career path. The programs cover legislative requirements in a practical manner that can be immediately implemented in the work place. There is a focus on creating a safety culture through the implementation of processes and systems. There is a focus on coaching, mentoring and development which are crucial skills for employees to have and create career driven, high achievers working for your business.

Implementing a Work Health & Safety program throughout your organisation will ensure that the systems, processes and business culture are reiterated throughout the organisation, whatever size, to achieve a high level of safety culture.

BSB41415 Certificate IV Work Health & Safety

The Certificate IV in Work Health & Safety covers all legislative requirements outlined in the 2011 amendment.

There is a focus on the practical implementation of Work Health & Safety Management System's and Information System's to ensure compliance and to ensure that a safety culture is fostered throughout the organisation.  

BSB51315 Diploma of Work Health & Safety

The Diploma of Work Health & Safety is designed for those who are in a Work Health & Safety role or Senior Management role. This is because it delves into the management and contribution to creating, monitoring and maintaining Work Health & Safety Management and Consultation processes. 

Intensive Workshops

We can create intensive workshops to suit your time frame and needs. Where you have a need to train your team in a collaborative environment, we can work together to create a program that targets both organisational and individual hurdles.

Workshop topics can include risk management, plant management,  and WHS Management and Information System management.



At Richard Crookes Constructions, we enjoy a Safety Culture that is behavioural oriented combined with a sound OHSMS, as a foundation, to achieve this goal 1st Step Safety- People caring for People (RCC core value).

The Change Network have been a key partner, within the training, up skilling, educational arena- with the dedicated, salt of the earth approach, they look outside the box, they will challenge the common WHS strategies, dogged about sourcing Training financial opportunities, Government or private, and they are not just Client driven, but truly get to all levels of our work force, across all facets of our Business both Metro and Regional.

The Change Network delivery personnel are 2nd to none- Actively lead by Janine- What you see is definitely What you get- Very simple People caring for People, I look forward to our continued future relationship, growth, and achievements with The Change Network.

Sam Reid
WHS&R Manager
Richard Crookes Constructions